What we get at Brainy Hive

At Brainy Hive Kids Care, we are given the best learning experience you or your child can wish for. It is truly "a better start to life" for us. Don't deprive your ward of this opportunity.


3 - 12 months

Just like home - sometimes we feel it's even better, but for certain, they make us, your precious baby unaware of your absence and it feels just like home. We are kept in comfortable and enjoyable conditions while you are away at work, and it's unbelievably affordable.

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1 year - 3 months

We go from a preparatory class, Kindergarten and Nursery from 1 - 5 years. We are given the most amazing start to education you can think of. The drudgery and formality in learning is taken away and it is made so much fun. We sometimes won't want to go back home.

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Nursery School

3 years - 5 years

With support, guidance, and encouragement from our highly qualified teachers, we are engaged in meaningful activities needed to acquire the focus and motivation critical for success when we grow to be like you. Our teachers strive to inspire our curiosity, imagination, and enthusiasm for learning.

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Recreation and Fun

Primary School

5 years - 11 years

We are taught how to assist Mummy and Daddy at home. We are also given home assignments that will definitely be fun for you too. It plays an important role in our social, emotional, and brain development, providing a strong foundation in academics, arts, family life and athletics.

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Our Special Services

Special services for you and your kid

  • Feeding

    We have a balanced feeding time table, a combination of meals and fruits, or alternatively, just tell us exactly what you will like your kid to eat.

  • Taekwondo Classes

    Brainy Hive Kids are not just knowledgeable academically but also can defend themselves wherever they find themselves. We do a bit of martial arts.

  • Excursions

    We go out to have fun... play is part of learning.

  • Home Chores

    We don't just teach maths, but also teach them to assist you at home while you work.

  • Study Habits Rehabilitation

    Special education and rehabilitation. For example, a child is 7 years and has not gone through any regular school or cannot read, we take these kids, brush them up and then they can fit into desired classes in any school. Don't keep that househelp at home anymore complaining that you don't know where to start, bring her for a year with us and then she can fit into priimary 3, 4 or 5 in any other school. One term and you will see the difference.