We deliver world class education for the future

Put your child on the surest path to global relevance

Our Services At Brainy Hive

At Brainy Hive Kids Care, we are building a global brand in child education. We take kids from the cradle and work with them as they grow to prepare them to competitively fit into today's multicultural and diverse world. Our schools provide the best learning experience any parent could desire for a child. Providing "a better start for every child" we position our kids to become Global Citizens.


3 months - 15 months

Our "cosier than home" creche provides the perfect comfort and safety that your baby needs as they begin to grow and explore their environment. So while you go to work, you can have peace of mind that your baby is probably unaware of your absence, and it's unbelievably affordable.

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16 months - 4 years+

We go from Preparatory class to Kindergarten 1 and 2 to Nursery. We give the most amazing start to education you can think of. With adequate support, guidance, and encouragement from our highly qualified teachers, we engage the pupils in meaningful activities needed to acquire the focus and motivation critical for success while learning. Our teachers strive to inspire the children's curiosity, imagination, and enthusiasm for learning.

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Recreation and Fun

Grade School

5 years +

This section of our school focuses on the complete development of each child. We are intentional about their social, emotional, and mental development, providing a strong foundation in academics, arts, family life and athletics. In general, our Grade School section is preparing and packaging kids for the world already. From here, we move them to the Brainy Hive Academy.

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Why Brainy Hive Kids Care

Because here, we seek to develop the child completely. We combine classroom work, practical life exercises, outdoor events, excursions and field trips, extra curricular activities, art, music and technology, all coming together in the development of one child. Brainy Hive is not first in school business, it was developed out of deep passion for acadamic excellence. We love what we do, and we are happy to have the privilege of making a contribution to the future - developing its leaders.

  • Nigerian & British Curriculum

    We offer a specially designed combination of the curriculum of Nigeria and of England. What we teach our kids meet fully, the requirements of both educational systems

  • Individualized Grading

    Our assessment and reporting system is unique to Brainy Hive. We designed a special system which evaluates each child based on their personal development, strengths & potentials. Every child is a genius here.

  • Our Enviroment

    Located in the heart of the city of Uyo, within the Federal Housing Estate, we are within reach of every part of the city with multiple access roads plus a serene and secure environment for learning.

  • We are Affordable

    One of our goals is to make 5-Star education available and affordable to middle income families. With this at the back of our minds, you can be sure our fees will never become unbearable. And we have in-house scholarships.

Extra-Curricular and Other Services

  • Tae-kwon-Do Classes

    Our martial arts class is not just to prepare our kids for wherever life takes them, in addition to teaching them basic self-defence, it's also to guide them on a journey of self discovery and exploration..

  • Chess,Scrabble & Other Strategic Games

    We understand the strategic role of leadership in todays world and so we expose our kids to different leadership and strategy development opportunities. We teach them to play games like Chess, Othello and strategic puzzles.

  • Music,Dance,Poetry and Arts

    Helping our kids discover the other talents hidden in them and to bring it out is a priority to us. Because you never know what clicks for a child, we expose them to many options.

  • Study Habits Rehabilitation

    We have special classes and services to cater for mentally retarded kids or children with ADHD or Down Syndrome. Our study habits rehabilitation service focuses specially on the child, helps them overcome their personal challenges and make sense of their world.

  • Other Things You get at Brainy Hive

    [] Dyscalculia Intervention
    [] Basic Public Speaking
    [] Dance Classes
    [] Global Etiquette
    [] Handwriting
    [] Swimming Classes
    [] Impacting Reading culture
    [] TEDed Presentation
    [] Diction Drill
    [] Fast Maths Tricks
    [] Culsive Handwriting

Meet Our Teachers At Brainy Hive

Dr. Elizabeth Ogunshola

B.Ed Educational Foundations, M.Ed, Ph.D Early Childhood Education

Teacher Lizzie is the Co-Founder and CEO of Brainy Hive. She is responsible for the overall running of all our facilities, she does everything from curriculum development, book selection, quality control and HR oversight. You need to meet her.


Ejiro Adigwe

HND Mass Communication

Teacher Ejiro has taught several classes here and has served as our Head Teacher in the past. She currently teaches Grade 1. The mention of her name alone will naturally reset every naughty behaviour not only among her pupils but in any class. A very talented crafts-woman, she has an amazing influence on the kids. Great woman.


Eme Edem Okon

B.A Sociology & Anthropology

"Teacher Eme" as she is fondly called oversees the team of teachers managing KG 2. She also supervises our pre-school facility and is responsible for the amazing looks of all teachers weekly. She determines our staff uniform.


Editi Akpanenang

B.A Linguistics

This is the first smiling face you will see when you visit Brainy Hive. She's an amazing administrator and also quite talented in dance, hence she's doubles as Brainy Hive Dance instructor