Don't Interrupt Your Child's Education.

Brainy Hive e-School provides world class educational content for Preschoolers and Graders, curated and arranged by professionals. We deliver lessons with lots of fun and pupils have access to a virtual learning community with their friends, supervised by their teachers.

How it Works

To help you understand the simplicity of this service, we have answered some of the questions you may want to ask. Click on each question to find the answer.

We simply took the curriculum your children should be studying in school this term, and since they cannot come to school, we are sending them the learning content for each of the topics so they can watch it from home and their learning is not interrupted.

No, there is so much high quality educational content available on the internet. We have done the hard work of searching, sorting and arranging according to the curriculum and will be delivering them to the pupils in the appropriate ages and classes.

Afterall, teachers don't write the textbooks they use in schools.

Each child will be part of a class with 10-15 other pupils, and they are assigned a teacher who will be their learning guide. It will have almost the same feel as a physical classroom with a personal teacher.

All the pupils will be added to a virtual classroom where they can communicate with themselves and their teachers. They can see assignments and links to videos to watch. (Think of it like a WhatsApp group).

The class will have a timetable and the teacher will send daily links of activities to both the class app and to parents emails as backup.

We expect parents to support the children to get on the platform. On most of the platforms, the teacher can monitor from the back-end if the child has watched the videos or done the activities. The teacher will reach out to every child who doesn't show progress.

The entire class will meet 1-2 times weekly via video conferencing to discuss learning outcomes and internalize the lessons.

Yes, we have a software where the teacher sets tests and exams based on what has been learnt and students will take them from home online. This software will prepare a report sheet for each pupil for the period.

No. We also have weekly workbooks which will be sent at the beginning of every week in PDF. Once downloaded, the child can work on them offline. We understand that printing may be a challenge so we have improvised ways of getting student responses to workbook activities.

A device that connects to the Internet (mobile phone, tablet or computer). Active Internet subscription (1-2 hours daily). Headphones or ear piece (optional). A notebook or journal with writing materials. A good learning enviroment. Could be a designated area of the house.

We understand you may have questions which have not been answered. You can chat with us from this page or call any of our lines for further explanations:

Dr. Elizabeth (School Director): 07031920054
Mr. David (Technology Lead): 08077544056

What We Teach

Our Professional Teachers

All our classes and lessons are arranged, delivered and monitored by professional teachers who monitor all virtual classes and follow up your child's learning personally.

Dr. Elizabeth Ogunshola

Ejiro Adigwe

Collins Reuben

Aniekan Udoh

James Enuma

Eme Edem

Catherine Ordia

Edidiong Wilson

Lindsay Ogbonnaya

Precious Etuk

Joy Duru

Joy Okon

School Fees

Because we do not know how long schools will remain closed, we have decided to break the e-school into monthly terms. We would however follow the normal academic term curriculum. If schools do not resume after one monthly term, we would roll over into another term and continue the curriculum so your child misses nothing from the school closure. And we are extremely affordable.


Ages 2 - 5


monthly term

  • Each child is assigned a personal teacher. Parents will be given special apps to install. A collection of learning videos will be sent to the parents weekly, sorted into daily folders. The teacher will periodically do a video call with the child to monitor learning progress. Older preschoolers can have a group video call weekly with their friends & teacher.

Special Needs Children

Ages 2 - 13


monthly per child

  • The Parents will be added to a closed Parents Support Whatsapp Group where they will receive daily tips on how to engage children with special needs while at home. General information is dropped for the different types of special needs, and a special teacher is assigned to provide personal support for the child/family.

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