Our Services At Brainy Hive

At Brainy Hive Kids Care, we are building a global brand in child education. We take kids from the cradle and work with them as they grow to prepare them to competitively fit into today's multicultural and diverse world. Our schools provide the best learning experience any parent could desire for a child. Providing "a better start for every child" we position our kids to become Global Citizens.


3 months - 15 months

Our "cosier than home" creche provides the perfect comfort and safety that your baby needs as they beging to grow and explore their environment. So while you go to work, you can have peace of mind that your baby is probably unaware of your absence, and it's unbelievably affordable.

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16 months - 4 years+

We go from preparatory class to kindergarten 1 and 2 to Nursery. We give the most amazing start to education you can think of. With support, guidance, and encouragement from our highly qualified teachers, we engage the pupils in meaningful activities needed to acquire the focus and motivation critical for success while learning. Our teachers strive to inspire the children's curiosity, imagination, and enthusiasm for learning.

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Recreation and Fun

Grade School

5 years +

This section of our school focuses on the complete development of each child. We are intentional about their social, emotional, and mental development, providing a strong foundation in academics, arts, family life and athletics. In general, our grade school section is preparing and packaging kids for the world already. From here, we move them to the Brainy Hive Academy.

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Our Special Services

Special services for you and your kid

  • Feeding

    We have a balanced feeding time table, a combination of meals and fruits, or alternatively, just tell us exactly what you will like your kid to eat.

  • Tae-kwon-Do Classes

    Brainy Hive Kids are not just knowledgeable academically but also can defend themselves wherever they find themselves. We do a bit of martial arts.

  • Excursions

    We go out to have fun... play is part of learning.

  • Home Chores

    We don't just teach maths, but also teach them to assist you at home while you work.

  • Study Habits Rehabilitation

    Special education and rehabilitation. For example, a child is 7 years and has not gone through any regular school or cannot read, we take these kids, brush them up and then they can fit into desired classes in any school. Don't keep that househelp at home anymore complaining that you don't know where to start, bring her for a year with us and then she can fit into priimary 3, 4 or 5 in any other school. One term and you will see the difference.

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Brainy Hive Pricing

These prices can be modified with reason on a personal basis and is subject to change without prior notice.

Our pricing is ethical

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Special Services

These are pricing for special services offered by Brainy Hive Kids Care

  • Overtime
    • imgCharges start counting after 4:30 for creche kids
  • Kitchen Service
    • imgMeals from creche to primary classes is made out of our balanced diet table
  • Study Habits Rehabilitaion
    • imgSpecial education and rehabilitation for kids with learning inabilities